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3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Electric Gate Running Smoothly

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Electric Gate Running Smoothly

Installations of electric gates are not cheap propositions, because their maintenance is a continuous process. So it makes sense to keep this kind of investment in a good a condition, as much as possible, to extend the life and reduce the possibility of expensive automatic gate repair.

Keeping it Clean

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Electric Gate Running SmoothlyThe same goes for cars, gates will look their best if they are waxed occasionally and washed regularly. You don’t need to remove it for major procedures, because you are not required to do so. Waxing and washing will keep your gate looking beautiful for a long time.

*Dealing with Pests

What are the major concerns?

The major concerns for all exit sensor installations are snail, reptile and insect damage. Slugs destroy the circuit board. The slime trails they leave are highly conductive to moisture. Ant hills and bee’s nests can rapidly decay the opener.

What are the solutions?

High quality residential gate installation plays a huge role in this scenario, because quality wrought iron gates are resistant to intrusions. Its circuitry is also resistant to damage. The circuit boards on high end automatic gates are closed in a more secured enclosure, and the circuit boards are dipped by protective coating. That being said, gates that are not quality will last indefinitely with these pests.

*Lubricating the Parts

If your gate does not have sealed bearing wheels or hinges, make sure to apply only high quality greases in their fittings, especially for the Sliding gate rollers and residential gate openers. When you lubricate the parts at regular intervals, it will lengthen the life, and keep them running smoothly.

*The Important Considerations

Regardless of where your gate belongs on the quality spectrum, maintenance tips are applicable. To ensure proper function with the correct amount of force, the system must be checked periodically and the reversing devices need to be monitored frequently.

You must also consider tightening all the electrical connections, because they can loosen over time due to expansion, contraction and vibration caused by the weather. Apart from that, the driveway gate opener must be checked at regular intervals to ensure there are no mechanical damages, thereby shortening the life of your gates.

Your willingness and ability to maintain your system should be the root of your decision on whether you opt for a higher or a lower kind. Our Lakewood professionals can help you determine what type of maintenance is best for you.  For more information, contact us to help you get started.

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